Embracing the path to recovery from substance abuse

Embracing the path to recovery from substance abuse

Image source: slu.edu

Going to rehab or undergoing treatment for substance abuse can be a challenge. It means changing lifestyles, reframing thoughts, and even facing fears. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out but to accept that change needs to be done to recover. Here are some ways for a person to stay positive while on the way to a drug-free life:

1. Believe that lasting change takes time

There are no quick fixes. Rehabilitation requires persistence and commitment. There will be days when giving up seems to be the best solution. But just like the most fulfilling things in life, hard work and willingness are necessary to achieve lasting results.

2. Understand that this is just a phase in life

People rise and fall. The statement may be cliché, but it is true. Just because a person erred doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a second chance. Those who are willing will find a way to get out of their slump—no matter what it takes.

Image source: recovery-supportservices.com

3. Be open to therapy and counseling

There are professionals who are trained to help in this particular area. Whether it’s a stay-in or a walk-in treatment center, there are people who were trained to deal with those who would like to be freed from their substance dependence. Those who desire to start anew in life must be open and honest with their issues. They must also be compliant with treatments.

It’s easier said than done. As I am preparing to become a drug counselor, I have seen that it is possible for people to win their personal battles with substance abuse. It may take time but with supportive people behind you, recovery can happen.

Hi, Heather Taras here. In my 19 years of existence, I have seen how drug abuse has damaged many lives. This led me to pursue my associate in applied science degree in the hopes that I’ll be able to continue my studies towards having a counselor’s certification. Right now I’m attending Seattle Central College in Washington. Follow me on Facebook to know more about what I am into.


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