The road to recovery: Regaining self-control with exercise

The road to recovery: Regaining self-control with exercise

In the many cases, I have observed, staying on the path of recovery and keeping sober can be difficult most of the time. Reintegrating into one’s family and community is also another concern. While challenges surround those who were once drug-dependent, I have also witnessed people who have found a way to turn back from their old ways through physical activity.

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While most people usually dismiss exercise as a chore, it is very effective in helping recovering drug addicts to remain sober. Aside from strengthening the physique, the endorphins released help in restoring the body’s original circadian rhythm. Doing one thing repetitively can also improve focus and concentration.

Taking up a sport also helps a recovering person set goals for himself. Accomplishing a target time for a race, training for a half-marathon, or joining a community basketball team is a good start. These activities require a person to be of good health and sound mind that will only be ruined if a person goes back to old habits. Engaging in sports also helps a person become more social and active.

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Above all, the most important thing I have seen when recovering addicts engage in physical activity is that it develops their self-control. Instead of being passive and dependent on substances and people, they begin to realize that they can survive with their own efforts. For me, this is a good sign that a person is recovering well. If a person can resist temptations and choose to do what’s best, then I believe that they have taken a huge step in their regaining their lives.

Heather Taras here. I am a college student from Seattle, Washington, studying to becoming a drug counselor. Follow me on Twitter for similar updates.


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