How to report activities related to illegal drugs

How to report activities related to illegal drugs

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Those who are struggling with drug abuse can cause destruction and disruption to people and property. Concerned about their safety, many people are scared to report illegal drug activities in their neighborhood. Authorities have come up with ways to make reporting less intimidating for concerned citizens to end a community’s struggle against substance abuse.

It is best to be clear with the details when reporting suspected drug abuse in a neighborhood. The person reporting should note the date, time, and even the current situation in the place where the illegal activities take place. Providing specific details such as names, car plates, and addresses are also useful. If the alleged drug use and distribution has been going on for a long time, a person can take note of the patterns to better help authorities.

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Once all the details are laid out, a report should be sent to the nearest police station. However, if the problem is pressing, a person can call 911 especially if there is violence involved. If the local government cannot handle the case, elevating the report to national agencies might solve the case more efficiently.

Heather Taras here. I am a college student from Seattle, Washington, studying to becoming a drug counselor. Follow me on Twitter for similar updates.


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