The hidden pains of a drug addict

The hidden pains of a drug addict

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Drug dependent individuals are easy to condemn for the mistakes that brought them to their own downfall. When most people view them, addicts are failed to be seen for what they are, and they are victims. If people truly want to help them, their pains must be understood well first.

Drug use is a poor choice made by an individual who didn’t think through its consequences deeply enough. It could well be a case of him being vulnerable at the time he was swayed into the habit.

One of the biggest vulnerabilities of those who have chosen to get into drugs is their own loneliness. Sometimes, people live solitary lives with nobody else to talk to. Without much happiness to go around, drug use is seen as something which can fill this hollowness.

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Personal problems also add to the difficulty. When these people encounter challenges alone which they cannot solve easily, they turn to drugs for comfort. Sometimes, even when they are in the company of people, but they feel they are not in the right company to discuss their problems, they keep the pressure in secretly. They also turn to drugs in secret.

The most sympathetic way to view addiction inflicted individuals is to view them as normal people who took a wrong turn because of some issues which they failed to be greater than. Just like everyone else, they are not spared from bouts with loneliness along with so many other problems. This is what those who want to help have to understand the most.

Hi there, my name is Heather Taras. I am a 19-year old student from Seattle. My goal is to become a drug counselor one day so that I can help those who are struggling with substance abuse. For more on drug counseling, follow me on LinkedIn.


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