Keep on moving: Exercise and drug addiction recovery

Keep on moving: Exercise and drug addiction recovery

Not a lot of people are fond of exercising. However, recent studies suggest that including physical activity in a person’s addiction treatment can boost the effects of recovery. Getting into the habit of working out or getting involved in sports help in restoring an individual’s sense of accomplishment. Here are some of the exercises people in recovery can engage in:

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Strength training: Drugs can sometimes alter a person’s sleep cycles. Weight training and body weight exercises can prevent insomnia and help the body wind down at the right time.

Walking, running, cycling, and hiking: These activities are also good exercises for the mind as they release dopamine that eases a person’s cravings. Being outdoors allows a person’s to soak up some fresh air and sunshine. When there’s a path being followed, these workouts can also improve focus.

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Yoga: Focusing on breathing and the body’s movement can be a good way to relieve stress and anxiety. Yoga also helps develop mindfulness, which teaches a person to focus on the present. It is also an excellent exercise to strengthen the body slowly but surely.

Group sports: Participating in sports like basketball, volleyball, or football can help a recovering addict find a new group of friends. Being part of a team can help an individual regain a sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

In the recovery process, it’s also important to regain physical strength that might have been lost due to the side effects of taking drugs. Regular exercise can contribute to increasing immunity and boosting overall health.

Hello there! My name is Heather Taras. I am a college student from Seattle, Washington, aspiring to become a drug counselor one of these days. Follow me on Facebook for similar updates.


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