Educating the youth about illegal drug use and its consequences

Educating the youth about illegal drug use and its consequences


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Illegal drug awareness seminars are common in schools. However, the strategies don’t seem to be working in some communities because a percentage of the population ends up addicted. Educators should be regularly updated and trained on how to spread awareness among their students regarding the use of illegal drugs.

First, most of these students already know that drugs are bad. They also know the kinds that they should be staying away from and the consequences of using these prohibited substances. However, being knowledgeable doesn’t mean that they will be spared from people who might influence them to try recreational drugs at least once. What then can a counselor or a teacher do to further prevent drug use among teens?

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Instead of focusing on just giving the facts, parents, educators, and counselors should be open to further questions. For many drug addicts, other reasons led them to fall deep into the habit. When it comes to discussing these things with the youth, it’s always important to touch on the significant issues such as mental health, family situations, and socio-economic factors. It’s also important to remind them of the repercussions of drug addiction that might have long-term effects on a person’s mental, emotional, and physical health. They can also stress that aside from affecting an individual, getting into the habit might also put a strain on relationships and hinder a user from having a better life.

The traditional drug campaigns also have their benefits. In the process, the adults who guide the youth should continue to stress that the use of these drugs is unnecessary. They should remind teenagers that even if the struggle with peer pressure is real, it is still better to prioritize their own health and safety.

Hi there. I’m Heather Taras. I am a college student from Seattle, Washington, studying to become a drug counselor. Having seen people break free from drug addiction inspires me to help others who are willing to get better. Follow me on Twitter for updates.


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