How LSD can harm you beyond your mind

How LSD can harm you beyond your mind

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One of the more popular drugs throughout history are the hallucinogens. LSD is probably the most famous of these drugs since it was popularized back in the sixties when hippies would take them to go on a “trip” towards “enlightenment”. Although people claim to have transcended this plane of thought, and reach a more enlightened state, it still doesn’t take away the fact that LSD is a dangerous drug, as it can do more than just alter brain chemistry.

One of the physical effects of LSD is that it brings up body temperature and creates a loss of appetite. Users feel nauseous as they experience heart palpitations and an increased blood pressure. This is dangerous especially for people with a medical history of heart illness.

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Just like any other drug, illegal or otherwise, the human body builds a tolerance to it. Regular users of LSD gradually increase their dosage, and in many cases overdose. When this happens, they experience extreme mood swings that range from anxiety, to confusion, to hostility, and even panic. They sometimes resort to violence when they feel the least bit threatened. All this can have disastrous consequences if the user is set loose in an uncontrolled environment.

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