Heather Taras here. I am a 19 years young and a student at Seattle Central University working towards earning an associate degree in applied science under the Social and Human Services program. My love for serving the community has inspired me to take up my current course so that I can be one step ahead in my hopes to become a drug counselor. Having seen many lives transformed with good mentoring after struggling with an addiction, I was inspired to help others in the same way. Helping change people’s lives is a challenging task but I am willing to do it.

Seriousness aside, I am a K-drama fan. When I have free time, I’m usually watching on my laptop or catching the re-runs on cable. My language skills are not yet good enough as I’m still very much dependent on subtitles. I became a fan after my friends in high school encouraged me to watch shows like “Coffee Prince”, “Full House”, and “Boys Over Flowers” which were already classics. To live out our dream of being a K-drama heroine, we usually hang out in Korean restaurants or sing our hearts out in teen-friendly karaoke bars. Over the years I have learned to appreciate the taste of kimchi and dream of having omurice for breakfast every now and then.