Asian dramas for people with eclectic tastes

Asian dramas for people with eclectic tastes

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I’m a big fan of Korean dramas or Kdramas, but as of late I’ve also been looking into shows and movies from other Asian cultures and I’ve found that there are so many genres out there! Here are some interesting finds you might enjoy.

Food lovers may enjoy the Kdrama, “Late Night Restaurant,” about a mysterious chef whose restaurant only opens at midnight until early morning. “Master,” as he is called, will cook anything as he listens to his patrons’ stories. Another food-adjacent but lightly-plotted, if at all, show is the Jdrama, “Wakakozake” (season 2). Here, cheerful office lady Murasaki Wakako goes out to eat after a hard day at work. It’s so much fun, but seeing her enjoy her food may not the best idea if you’re hungry!

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Another story by way of Japan is the movie, “Silver Spoon” based on the manga of the same name. I would describe it as unadventurous but in a good way, simply because it’s about city boy, Yugo Hachiken, who decides to study in an agricultural school just so he can move out of his parents’ house. This slice-of-life story shows how Hachiken rises from aimless and wimpy youngster to dedicated farming student. It’s a feel-good movie that actually gave me a deeper appreciation of the work done in agriculture.

For those interested in people living with disease or the medical profession, there are “The Hours of My Life,” a story about a young man who learns he has Lou Gehrig’s disease and how he chooses to take the reins on his now limited time, and “Thank You,” starring Jang Hyuk as an arrogant doctor who meets a single mother and her HIV-positive young daughter who will change his life.

Aside from these, there are probably thousands of interesting, funny, sad, scary, and amazing Asian dramas out there. If you have a suggestion, hit me up in the comments so I can look them up!

Heather Taras is studying to become a substance abuse counselor who enjoys spending her downtime watching KDramas. Follow her on Facebook for updates on her interests.